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How 3 East Providence Women Turned a Hobby Into A Business

As Heather and her husband Joe became empty nesters when their only son went to college, Heather quickly looked for a new hobby. She picked up sewing with friends Nicole and Nicole and started making scarves for fun. Realizing how many people loved the custom female accessories they were making, Heather and friends founded Up2OurNecksInFabric in January of 2016. Fast forward one year and the team has over 1,200 sales on Etsy and has products in boutique stores and shopping malls from Michigan to Louisiana.

What products does Up2OurNecksInFabric offer?
The East Providence based women’s accessory company offer handmade infinity, blanket and kid scarves, summer Kimonos, beach towels, ponchos, totes, bridal robes. They have a variety of one-size-fits all accessories on their etsy store. They offer custom embroidery so any purchase can be personalized.

What makes this company unique?
1. Handmade quality
2. Custom embroidery
3. Made to order

These qualities are appreciated by their customers who have given them a 5 star rating on Etsy with over 320 reviews. In fact, out of 1.7 million etsy sellers in their category- these talented Townies rank in the top 1.5%. The secret may be that these popular accessories are handmade by women who actually wear and use the product they create.

Brides-to-be will want to checkout the personalized bridal party gift packages.

Where can I buy them?
Up2OurNecksInFabric sells most of their goods on etsy an online marketplace where individuals and businesses connect to make, sell and buy unique goods. They also sell to retail stores in the states of Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and of course, Rhode Island. The trio also stays busy attending flea markets and craft shows from Providence, RI to Quincy, MA.

The handmade accessories are currently sold in A Bee’s Buzz in Foster, RI and will be available on Thames Street in Newport this Spring.

Order online or request a custom order by clicking the blue button.

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